So, What’s It All About?

In 2011 Aberdeen Passions Plays (APP) was founded by members of the Christian community from the North East of Scotland with a view to establishing the staging of a regular passion play physically centred in, or around, the City of Aberdeen (the main city in the North East).. Following intial meetings by the then steering group, the AECC was booked, a script was finished and a call went out for volunteers to get involved. By the August of that year a company of players had formed, including both Christians and non-Christians alike.  Easter 2012 saw the company stage its first production “The Aberdeen Passion: One Life Given” at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre in front of sell-out audiences in excess of 2200.

Regardless of your stance on whether the claims made by Jesus Christ, the central character of the events portrayed in the passion, are true or not, we believe the message His life and actions delivered are a challenge to us all in how we live our lives, both as individuals and as a community.

The Aberdeen Passion operates on a strictly non-profit basis with all involved, with the exception of some professional support we need to hire in, giving their time and talents free of charge. The modest ticket price and any donations or sponsorship monies are solely to cover the venue hire (and associated costs), music copyright fees and material costs. Any income to the project over and above this is distributed between locally active charities.

The Gospel message of love, compassion and salvation is for all people and as such we do not discriminate on any basis.  Any member of the public can engage with the activities of the Aberdeen Passion, either through direct involvement or by attending one of our events, and all can receive the renewing salvation of a life lived in Christ. We believe that we are all one in Christ and that denominational boundaries are not there to prevent Christians working and worshiping together but simply to help us reach and understand God in a means which is accessible to each of us.

We believe that people’s lives get better when they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. We equally believe the global Church is a stronger vehicle for positive social change and improvement when all Christian denominations are united and work together. Art, in particular the theatrical arts, is a powerful agent for joining people together and by helping to preserve the historical practice of passion plays we aim to use the arts to achieve this as well as supporting organisations that live out the Gospel message of love and compassion to all people through targeted relief and support activities.