Ian White

We are delighted to announce that the singer/song writer Ian White (www.littlemistymusic.com) one of the biggest names in Scottish Christian Music has agreed to join our Council of Reference supporting the Aberdeen Passion Plays’ ethos, aims and objectives, and providing ‘reputational sponsorship’ for our projects.

Over the years Ian has used his many musical talents within the Christian community and will provide valuable input where he can on staging future Passion Play events using his wealth of experience that he himself has learnt through 30 years travelling the world, producing over 20 albums and a ministry that is accepted across a wide range of worship styles and different age groups.

Due to Ian’s busy touring and recording schedules, plus other commitments we recognise that Ian will not be able to provide as much support as other members of the Council, however we are excited by the prospect of Ian’s involvement with a real sense of Ian willing to share his wisdom and experience with a younger generation and that can only be a good thing for the future.

Please join us in welcoming Ian to the Aberdeen Passion Plays Council of Reference!