The Aberdeen Passion: One Life Given (2012) – Reviews

We are really grateful to everyone who has given us feedback and encouragement following the staging of The Aberdeen Passion: One Life Given. Below are just some of the comments we received following the event:

I went to the Friday evening performance and was so blown away I cancelled my Saturday evening so I could see it again with friends.

I could not believe how professional the production and acting were – worthy of the West End! Congratulations to all involved!

I was so moved by your play, it was way beyond my wildest expectations….It had the most wonderful ‘feel’ to it and left many of us uplifted, encouraged and inspired! What an achievement!

The build up in the reception area….had a lovely family feel with folk pleased to be together.

Many thanks for a job beautifully done!

It was so wonderful to see the coming together of hundreds of Christians at this most special of times in our Christian calendar, we don’t have enough of this – thank you for making it happen!

Thanks for a wonderful enriching and emotional performance…you all showed such dedication and enthusiasm.

Attended Saturday night’s performance of The Aberdeen Passion – wonderful story, brillantly performed in a simple but dynamic way.

Attended the production tonight – it was magnificient. A blessed climax to Holy Week before tomorrow’s big day.

What an awesome production you gave us. The music was amazing!