The Aberdeen Passion 2014: One Hope


The Aberdeen Passion 2014: One Hope


It started like a beat, a pulse, a heartbeat, a drum, growing louder – something is
happening. Children are running, people are joining, crowds are growing,
the Messiah is coming. God has arrived and he has an announcement to make
“I’m here to claim this city, I’m here to claim this country
and I’m here to claim this world”


The Aberdeen Passion 2014 once again takes us back to 1st century Jerusalem. It is a city is under occupation whose people feel God has abandoned them….their hope is fading.

But news begins to spread – a man has rode into the city on a donkey, just as the prophecies foretold! Is this the Messiah? Excitement rushes through the passover city, causing hope to flare and grow. During this holy time when the people celebrate their rescue is this God really come down to rescue them again?

Everyone wants to hear what he says….even just to see him.

But within a week, it’s all over. He’s arrested, tried and nailed to a cross. ”It is done” he cries. And then he’s gone. Hope is crushed, hope is shattered, hope dies and as three days pass all hope is gone.

But God has not abandoned his people, the cross was a completion not a failure of the task. Hope is not dead, hope is not lost….there is still one hope….

The Aberdeen Passion 2014:One Hope takes the audience back to relive these times of turmoil and hopelessness through the eyes of many of the people most affected by those events over 2000 years ago. Once again we live through those final days of Jesus’ ministry on Earth through action and song helped by over 100 on-stage performers and a script firmly rooted in the first-hand accounts of those who knew Jesus best.

Hope was lost but rose again…One hope for all!

The Aberdeen Passion: One Hope was staged 18th and 19th April 2014 at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre.


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