The Aberdeen Passion 2014: One Hope

Getting Involved

To stage The Aberdeen Passion: One Hope takes more people than you may realise. From those who you see on stage, to those you can guess are behind the scenes, and to those who you have no idea were even involved in the first place in the months leading up to the production, doing jobs you may never have guessed were needed, we estimate more than 200 people will in some way take an active role in bringing the production to the stage. Do you think you could be one of them?

The list of roles is enormous; however just a few include:

  • Actors – main & supporting
  • Band Members
  • Choir Members
  • Qualified First Aiders
  • Front-of-House Team
  • Experienced Technical Crew (including sound and lighting)
  • Props Sourcing & Creation
  • Costume Making
  • Set Construction Crew
  • Church Publicity Contacts
  • Video Production
  • Production Chronicling Photographer
  • Expereinced Graphic Designers
  • Production Catering
  • and more…

Get in touch with us if you think you can help, giving us details about what you would like to do and any experience you have in the area and we’ll let you know if we could do with your help/involvement. However, please be aware that while this is an amatuer production we are looking for people with demonstratable skills & experience for many of the positions (especially those with Health & Safety implications).

As new needs become apparent we will notify everyone through our mailing list and social media sites. We would therefore encourage you, if interested, to ensure you are on the mailing list.

Check out our Get Involved section of the website for more information on joining the project.



Auditions have passed; however should you still wish to get involved contact us – details below.


Drop Us A Line

Aberdeen Passion Plays
c/o The Church Centre
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Telephone: 01224-826256