The Aberdeen Passion 2016: A Light Undimmed

ap2016-poster2Performances: 2.30pm, 7.30pm, 26th March 2016

For nearly a century Jerusalem has been under Roman rule – 100 years where any hint of dissent has been brutally crushed, 100 years where hope has withered for the people, the future is dark.

It’s Passover time in the city. A time to remember better days gone and to hope for better days to come. And this year the city is in a state of excitement. A man called Jesus has entered the city claiming to be the Messiah. These are momentous times. But the two men who have all the power – the Roman Governor Pilate and Chief Priest Caiaphas – conspire to snuff out the threat they see in Jesus. But will this also snuff out the hope that had grown in the city?

As Jesus lies dying on the cross surely the hope of a nation lies dying too?

But this is a hope undefeated, a life unbroken, a light undimmed…..

Following the successful 2012 & 2014 productions, The Aberdeen Passion returns to the AECC for a third time with a brand new production featuring original songs written by Christian musicians, including David Lyon, the Scottish Christian recording artist.

The Aberdeen Passion is a non-profit theatrical production drawing together over 100 amateur performers from across the North-East of Scotland. This year the production is supporting Teen Challenge North East Scotland’s campaign to raise funds for the purchase of the building housing their female addiction recovery centre, Benaiah.

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