Written and Directed by Andrew Sykes


Pontius Pilate, Governor of Judea for 10 tumultuous years has returned to Rome, his career over. The man who judged Jesus is now under judgement himself. He has time to reflect on his decisions, the mistakes he made that led to conflict and loss of life, and time to reflect on the time he spent with Jesus.

This is a brand new short play exploring the life of Pilate, the man who made the decision to send Jesus to the cross. Playing in eight intimate venues across the North East of Scotland, “Pilate: A Man of Mistakes and Missed Opportunities” is a new venture from the Aberdeen Passion project.


8 Performances in 8 Intimate Venues across the North East of Scotland:

Doors open at 7pm with the performance beginning at 7.30pm and lasting for approximately 1 hour. Each performance will be followed by a time of fellowship over refreshments. ALL PERFORMANCES ARE FREE TO ATTEND. AN OPPORTUNITY WILL BE GIVEN TO DONATE TOWARDS THE COST OF STAGING EACH PERFORMANCE.

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Please note: different actors from the Aberdeen Passion Plays theatre company will be performing on different nights.

Iain Bell Robert MacGregor Paul Finch Chris George
Iain Bell
Pontius Pilate
Robert MacGregor
Pontius Pilate
Paul Finch
Roman Soldier
Chris George
Roman Soldier